Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It's just a thought. Only a thought.

So I've stopped feeling so bad about myself for not having anything to blog about things are just in-the-moment-you-gotta-be-there-to-get-it. I can't help myself from feeling bad and obsessing over things,im just neurotic. I'm fine with that. Absolutely fine. And just to prove so, i'm not even fretting over whether anyone is convinced or not. So there.

Don't you just hate it when people hate they're OWN culture? I was bloghopping (yeah,retarded word.i guess i'm more retarded for using it.) around and i notice that asian's are not into they're culture. Of course,not all asians,some. It isn't fair that i'm generalizing but why in god's name are we having some sort of inferiority complex? I mean look at (okay,im living in Malaysia so i'm gonna give an example here) some Malaysians, they're just so darn Westernised. I'm not saying that Western culture is bad,but what happened to our culture? Are we just gonna leave it all?If we were to "*angkat ke langit" just the Western culture,what the hell will happen to ours?

*Malay word for just praise,not literally.

Modernisation does not mean Westernisation,so don't give me the progression of the Malaysian society bullshit to me. I guess we can do what the Romans, Spanish etc. society did and pick out what is good and leave the bad but unfortunately, we're not doing that. What we're doing (we're as in the youth) is picking out what is projected(not necessarily true)by the mass media about the Western countries. So we're really like zombies. The message that the media is saying is "you ain't cool until you look,breathe,think Western culture".After all,even in highschool,the "popular" or "most likely to succeed" students are Americanised. The majority of students who are noticed or are doing well in school ( we don't really have a popular heirarchy) are in fact Westernised. Okay,speaking english and all that jazz isn't what i'm talking about. After all,english is essential to strive in the boarderless world (lingua franca of today,you may say). It's the way we dress, and the way our minds have been moulded that is disturbing.

Even our very definition of beauty has changed. It's now if you're fair and and have caucassian features,your hot!Of course,once again this is a generalisation.Beauty is infact in the eye of the beholder. It's just that most beholders think that. You see in in the TV.If i were to talk about minority,then that will be a long story. In a way,the Western imperialism did work in Asia. They are done colonising us physically,but our minds are very much theirs to own. As a backlash,our youth (lol,i'm saying this as if i'm not part of it) has lost what made us so special,our tradition. That's sad.

I mean,you don't have to go "I'M ASIAN,HEAR ME ROAR" .It's just that seeing asians who pretend to be what they're not (caucassians etc) is dissapointing.

Of course there are two sides to a story. Westernisation has brought along good things too. There's no denying that.It's just that we're so absorbed about sucking it all in, we forget about our own culture. I'm sorry if i offended anyone. It's just a thought. Only a thought.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Bangkok,my oh my!

I keep on pressing the image thing,but it's not coming out.darn.

Liz got this kick ass shirt from Bagkok.It reads "just did it" and there's this picture of a sperm in the shape of the Nike logo.
What would we do without places like Bangkok?Heaven for all things horny and obscene!

*Btw,it would be much better if you post your comment at the comment linkage.Don't come up to me to comment on my posts,it defeats the purpose of actually having the linkage (*cough cough Hani*)What's in the blog,stays in the blog.

Monday, October 17, 2005

cute without the E

Okay,i'v figured out why i'm getting bad test grades.I'm always doodling all the time!!Everyday,i go back from school and ask myself what the hell did i learn today and everyday,i have no answer. It's like any form of learning in this school is purely accidental!I can't help it really,all my teachers are weirdo freaks.They're either:



c)have some emotional issue

Anyway,I have to figure out what extra subject i want to take for my *gasp*SPM.I'm taking the compulsary 5 subjects with the additional physics,chemistry,biology,additional mathematics and E.S.T. I was thinking of taking economy and english lit.The only problem is that i suck at my science subjects. sucksucksuckitysuck. The main problem?I never pay attention to the teacher or actually bother to pick up my book and read. Yeah,this isn't one of those killer posts.Whatever,no one reads these anyway.I'm not about to ask any one of my friends to do so,either.

Hehehe..i'll win your love back with a cool video by taking back sunday(cool bands always does the trick)I hope it doesn't get stuck,it'll be a pretty funny image

Now that i have bought back your love with a video(your very cheap,do you know that?),i can go on with being self-absorbed and talk about my future. See,choosing a subject isn't like choosing a hat or a car (and no,you cant go iny miny miney moe,catch a tiger by it's toe,i'v tried that).There are no refunds or turning backs.I was thinking of dropping biology,i mean,so what if i wanted to be a doctor,biology is for fools!This is why i believe in totalitarian dictatorship sometimes.Too many choices are really bad for me. If i were to choose the wrong subject,then it would be all my fault! But if it was imposed upon me,then i'll have someone to blame when something screws up and more importantly,i have something to complain about!There are 17 to 1 chances that i pick the absolute best subject, and what if i don't?I'll have to live with regret for the rest of my life. Oh yes,i also believe that people should be forced to work as something.Then stupid mindless teens like me shouldnt have to worry about what to do in the future (any form of writing is out of the question,obviously). So really,it's all the governments fault.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

hollywood kids

I went to the anatomy museum yesterday. I'm gonna skip all the boring details about the chopped hands and brains that were passed around the class. We went down to the morgue to see how people(do we still call them people?they're dead,so technically,they're not really people) got chopped up. We were watching this guy trying to yank and cut out some dude's liver. He(the live guy) was using this really sharp knife and just pulling and pulling it as if his life depended on it.He was skinning the dead dude and pulling out his heart and stomach with this knife.
Yazzie :Hmm...i need one of those knives!(she was saying this in such a singsong,happy way)

Everyone just turned towards her and started backing up slowly in unison.And who said highschool sucks?

Thursday, October 13, 2005

here i am,i think

So i decided to have a blog. Chelle got all these really cool layouts for me and i started posting on the very same day. Guess what?I kinda (okay,before you continue reading this Chelle,don't kill me or else you won't have a kick-ass second speaker to debate with) forgot the password.I was on a roll about fighting The Man (or woman,in Riyana's book) and meaningless consumer driven lives we live in.

Wanna see the act of The Man in action?I really wanted the blog's name to be "randomgibberish",but i couldn't.So i had to settle for "random-gibberish".it make's a big difference to have the "-" there!i told you people were out to get there.

Here are a few things i must go through with you:

1.i am horrid at spelling (the degree of my inability to spell even shocks me)
2.i am neither witty nor hillarious (or intelligent for that matter) and my posts are going to make you wanna hit yourself with a rock to end your misery must must MUST tell me when i have become one of those really boring teens that go on about "being so different and misunderstood"(yes dinah,you know who i'm talking about) also must tell me when to shut up for i can go on and on about absolutely nothing(hence,random gibberish,or "random-gibberish" -damn The Man!)